Seichim, or living light energy, is a form of universal energy that heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels – with a focus on the heart center and vibrates from feminine energy.  Seichim is similar to Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level.

Seichim also spelled Sekhem, Seichem, or SKHM, is a form of energy healing introduced by Patrick Zeigler in 1984. Some claim it originates from Ancient Egypt or Atlantis. Some forms of Seichim are similar to Reiki.


In 1980 Patrick Zeigler spent the night in the Great Pyramid of Giza and had an experience he sees as an Initiation. Zeigler has explained what happened to him in different ways over the years.

Later Zeigler studied with some Sufis in the Sudan. When he returned to the USA after living 4 years in Yemen and Nepal as a Peace Corps volunteer, he studied Reiki.

Implications of the different spellings

A friend of Zeigler, Christine Gerber, channeled being called Marat, who told said the energy into which he had been initiated was called Setim.

Later Zeigler meditated and heard the word SeiCH’em being told to him. He had never heard this word before and originally spelled it Seichim and Seichem. Later, after some research, he found there was a connection to the Egyptian spelling SeKHeM. Since Egyptians do not use the vowel sounds SKHM used by Zeigler.

Zeigler attuned several other people to Seichim at that time, usually people who were already Reiki Masters.

Most practitioners who use the spelling Seichim have studied it after studying Reiki. It is passed on via a method similar to that of Reiki.

These variations go by names such as Isis Seichim or Seven-facet Seichim. Such practitioners may also practice several similar systems of energy healing.

A woman named Phoenix Summerfield began to teach Seichim and Sekhem throughout the USA and Australia and made Seichim or Sekhem well known throughout the world.

Kathleen Milner also teaches a form of Seichim spelled Seichem; she claims her connection to the energy became strengthened after she received an epiphany from Buddha. From that experience, she created Tera Mai Seichem, which she claims cannot be combined with any of the other forms of Reiki or Seichim. Milner considers these systems to be ‘man-made’.

Currently, there are thousands teaching this system of healing around the world under the various spellings.

Patrick Zeigler now teaches it under the name All-Love/SKHM. He teaches it as an initiatory healing usually taught in a group workshop, very different from reiki or the reiki-related variations of Seichim.

A practitioner, Helen Belot, has claimed copyright of the spelling SEKHEM, although the word is in use by many practitioners and even is the name of a magical power in one role-playing game. She also denies that her system of Sekhem is descended from that of Patrick Zeigler, even though her contacts with him do acknowledge him as the founder of Seichim/Sekhem. She was also a student of Phoenix Summerfield, one of Zeigler’s students.

Beliefs of Seichim Practitioners

Some simply use Seichim as they would Reiki without seeing the need for a separate set of beliefs around it.

Some practitioners believe that Seichim/Sekhem is an ancient and sacred form of hands-on healing that originates from Egypt or perhaps earlier. Practitioners claim that it is the “the Parent Energy” of all healing systems based around the laying on of hands.

A translation of the Egyptian word Sekhem is “Power of Powers”. It also refers to one of the eight parts of the human soul – Power or Life energy.

Others believe that Seichim is the energy of the universe manifested through the feminine vibration of the Mother Goddess, which they say is that known by the Buddhists as Kuan Yin and by the Egyptians as Sekhmet. The Egyptians considered Sekhmet to be the Mother of the Gods, known as “The Great One of Healing”. Her mage-priests were the greatest of all healers and her son, Nefertem, was the God of Physicians.

In Egyptian, however, the term “Sekhem” means “tower” or “might”, which are more stereotypically masculine characteristics. This symbolizes, they say, that Seichim incorporates both yin and yang, or “perfect balance” and this balance is the key to progress and enlightenment. Some Seichim practitioners believe that it balances and realigns the yin (or female), physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and is therefore therapeutic for female health problems such as infertility, hormonal imbalances, PMT and menstrual or menopausal problems. They say that it also re-adjusts imbalances deeper down in the psyche such as lack of self-esteem, the need for/lack of nurturing and especially self-emp