Sheila Hand Memorial Library

Sheila Hand was one of the early pioneers in healing and teaching here in the Rochester area. Sadly, she died far too young. Barbara was greatly impressed by her work. A large part of Sheila’s personal library was donated to the Center. The library bears her name because Barbara feels Sheila deserves to be remembered in the community. This kind of generosity is not uncommon as many of the center’s collection have been donated. The Center is truly grateful to receive these gifts. It should not come as a surprise that Barbara is a serious student of spirituality and she shares her library with her students.

Become a member of the “Sheila Hand Memorial Library”. Annual membership is $25 and this allows you to take out the materials for free. If you do not have a membership with the Center’s library you will need to pay a 15 dollar deposit. When you return the materials $13.50 will be returned to you as there is a $1.50 fee. All the funds are used to help run the library, purchase new materials, and replace old or lost items. The process of borrowing books is simple. Just select your book, take it to the cash register, and sign out your book. You will be allowed to take the book out for 4 weeks. The library has a special collection of books, manuals, and magazines that can only be viewed at the Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

We are looking for Volunteers to up-date and maintain the Library