Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers that are a very important part of the body. Just as the visible physical body has vital and minor organs, the energy body has major and minor chakras. Chakras are energy centers, they control and energize the organs of the physical body. They are just like power stations that supply life energy or prana to different organs. When the power stations malfunction, the corresponding organs become sick or diseased because they do not have enough life energy to operate properly! Learn easy ways to get them back into balance.


Chakra Balancing Class

Understanding and Balancing Chakras with Touch Therapy, Crystals, Color, Light, Sound, Aromatherapy, Visualization.

Chakras are energy centers responsible for energy metabolism and transfer points for our thoughts and emotions. They affect the physical functioning of our endocrine glands and vital organs. Chakra activity affects our physical and mental states; when balanced we feel happy and well, achieving maximum vitality and health.

Daily stress results in chakras becoming imbalanced and the results are physical and emotional weakness, disorders or diseases.

You will learn how you can heal by balancing the chakras with Energy Therapy, Crystals, Color, Light, Sound, Aromatherapy, and Visualization.

We will be doing a Chakra meditation and instruction on how to balance chakras. Practice time is included for giving treatments, using Touch Therapy, Crystals, Color, Light, Sound, Aromatherapy and Visualization.


Class Outline

1 day class – $95

  • Healing through Chakra balancing explained
  • What are Chakras?
  • Chakra details
  • Chakra Balancing by self-meditation & visualization
  • Reiki or energy therapy
  • Pendulum
  • Crystals
  • Color for healing
  • Sound tuning Forks
  • Aroma Oils
  • Choosing one or many methods and applying them by practicing on each other


Receive manual, certificate and handouts. Prerequisite:NONE.