Usui Reiki


UsuiCert_1_Shoden1 day training

This level increases the body’s own healing ability and allows you to give Reiki to yourself, family and friends, it is one day of training and it does not take years of practice. Reiki is simply passed on from the teacher to the student. As soon as this happens, one has and can do Reiki always. It is easily learned by anyone.

Class Outline:

  • What is Reiki and how does it work
  • The history of Reiki
  • The Five Reiki Principals
  • Guided meditation
  • Reiki I attunement
  • Demonstration of complete Reiki treatment
  • Hands-on practice giving one and receive one Reiki treatment
  • Hand positions for self-treatment and treatment of others
  • The Chakra system and intro to crystals, light/colors, sound. Visualization, meditation and healing tuning forks


Receive attunement, manual, certificate and handouts.  There are no prerequisites.


USUI REIKI – 2 (Okuden)

1 day training

Increases your energy and gives you the knowledge and ability to work as Reiki Practitioner. It certifies you as a Reiki Practitioner.

Class Outline:

  • Mini Refresher of Reiki I
  • Description of all symbols, including how to draw them, their meaning, and when and how to use them
  • The students are encouraged to memorize the symbols and a test is given
  • Practice time to use symbols to experience the different energies
  • Guided meditation
  • How to use crystals to increase the Reiki energy
  • How to set up a Crystal Grid for Healing
  • How to use color, sound and aroma oils and more to increase healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Distant Healing
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques
  • Receive and give one Reiki treatment using the symbols
  • Receive information on setting up a Reiki practice


Receive attunement, manual, certificate and handouts.  Prerequisite:  Reiki level 1.




1 day training

Class Outline:

  • Smudge room, get room ready
  • Long distance/group healing
  • Mini Review of Usui Reiki Level I and Level II
  • Advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and achieve goals
  • How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged
  • Your Chakras with – crystals, sound, tuning forks, color and light and aroma oils
  • More on the Antahkarana
  • Aura cleansing / Reiki psychic surgery that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it to the light
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques how and when to apply them
  • The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols, can also be used for healing
  • A guided meditation
  • The Usui Master attunement which increases the strength of your Reiki energy
  • Practice the master symbol while giving and receiving Reiki treatment sitting in a chair


Receive attunement, manual, certificate and handouts.  Prerequisite:  6 month waiting time since Reiki level 2.


USUI REIKI – Level 3B (Teacher)


1 day training

The title “Reiki Master Teacher” (RMT) is the highest level for Reiki attunements. It is either taught over 2 days in a group, or 2 days one to one. Please enquire what suits you best.

Class Outline:

  • Description of Reiki Master and Teacher symbols, draw them, learn their meaning, how to initiate them and when you use them
  • Memorize symbols and sit test
  • Explanation of Advanced Reiki attunement
  • Smudging
  • Meditation
  • Reiki Teacher Attunement
  • Reiki Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery)
  • Setting up and charging Reiki Grid for Distant Reiki Healing
  • Attunements explained
  • Get room ready for attuning
  • Practicing all levels of attunements on each other
  • Understand Healing Attunements
  • Understand what to teach for each level
  • Understand the attunement procedure for each level


Receive attunement, manual, certificate and handouts.  Prerequisite:  Reiki master level.


USUI REIKI – Reiki Kids

Children will get in touch with subtle energy and learn simple methods of using Reiki.

  1. Learning the qualities of compassion, patience, goodness, understanding and unconditional love
  2. Boosting Self Esteem
  3. Learning to get along with others
  4. Embracing one’s natural ability to self-heal
  5. Calming down and soothing emotions
  6. Raising a “spiritual” child

This workshop teaches the basics of Reiki on a “kid level.” They leave with everything they need to begin practicing Reiki, including:

  • What is energy?
  • What is Reiki
  • How does it work?
  • What are Chakras?
  • A Level One attunement
  • The History and Principles of Reiki
  • Hand positions for self-healing and healing treatments with others

Barbara is the only USA certified Reiki Kids teacher, see ReikiKids.Ca

The Center is affiliated with the Reiki Kids center in Canada who has been teaching children for years now. We teach to their standards and are also using their Reiki Kids manual. Classes are over 4 hours and 2 more sessions of practicing Reiki. There is ongoing support. This is a Reiki I certification course. You will receive Certificate and Manual.


USUI REIKI – Reiki Teenagers

Reiki is a complete system of holistic, natural healing. It is a primal and basic form of healing, and everybody has the ability to perform Reiki healing once learned. It is ideal for all ages because in the process of learning Reiki, they learn about their bodies, their inner spirit, their personal power and their connection to the universal Life force which surrounds us all and is universal love.

Reiki Teenagers was created to provide information for teenagers interested in learning about Reiki, and honoring their uniqueness. We offer encouragement and support on their journey; it is always good if the parent can give their support as well. We have a Reiki Support Group.