The Reiki Healing Center & Lemuria Gift Store  &  Johrei Center (Arte Do Johrei)

11:00 am – 4:00 pm      $175

 Johrei Practitioner Level   Two healing energies emerged in Japan during the first quarter of the twentieth century, Reiki and Johrei. Both are healing energies, but are completely different in lineage, frequency, purpose, use, and method of training. In addition to different origins, there are many other distinguishing differences between Johrei and Reiki.

Inspired by one man in Japan, Johrei Healing was introduced to America in 1953 by Mokichi Okada. He was respected greatly for his vision and light work. Johrei is a manifestation of divine energy that can be transmitted through one individual to another for healing. As the spiritual body is cleansed, the mind and body are also uplifted. Johrei has its roots in Japan, and is gaining recognition in the West as a non-invasive energy healing practice. It is a universal vibration that is available to all. The Johrei Institute was established in 1998 to prove the effectiveness of Johrei through scientific medical research and to fund accepted research work through universities.

In terms of frequency, Johrei is closer to the intensity of earth energies than Reiki. When measured on the Aura Video Imager, Johrei appears green in the aura, while Traditional Reiki emerges as indigo blue and purple.

Although an oversimplification of two powerful healing energies, it is often said that Reiki is the feminine or “water” energy, Johrei the masculine or “fire” energy. Without doubt, the two energies, while quite different, are complementary in their action. Each has its appropriate applications; each is a powerful form of energy healing.
This is the class where the individual learns the basics of Johrei mainly the tools that give you the knowledge and skills needed for being a Johrei Practitioner.

The History Of Johrei
The Philosophy Of This Method
The Basics Of Channeling
Hand Positions, Points And Much More

This is the class to take if you want to begin to channel Johrei to others. It is a simple modality to practice, and no symbols are involved or esoteric techniques. The student will be attuned to Quan Yin Johrei.

You will be become a certified Johrei Practitioner, receive initiation, certificate, manual and focal point.

Barbara Carlton Rev.,  Johrei Practitioner, Master & Teacher

Barbara was taught and attuned by:  Michael Neary Rev., a Quan Yin Johrei Practitioner/Teacher (attuned by Rev. Dorgival Santos Silva).  Michael is also an ordained minister with Universal Life Church and a member of Templo Messianico Arte do Johrei in Brazil, Meishu-sama Fellowship in Virginia, and Tokyo Reimei Kyokai in Japan, three Johrei/Joray/Jyorei based churches.

LINEAGE: Barbara Carlton, Michael Neary, Rev. Dorgival Santos Silva, Rev. Minoru Nakahashi, Mokichi Norito called  Meishu-sama.     585-349-3400  

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