Teleconferences on Reiki Topics – Available to You Anywhere

Join Barbara each month via a teleconference to discuss topics that can deepen your Reiki understanding or broaden your perspectives on how Reiki can change your life and the world.  We welcome your related questions.

The teleconference format allows you to participate from anywhere in the country or world in the comfort of your home. They are scheduled the first Monday of each month at 8 pm to 9 pm EST to allow you to get home and unwind after the day before the teleconference begins.

Topics for the next few months is as follows.  Topics will be added for the remainder of the year.


March: The many aspects of Reiki history that were not known when many of your were attuned to Reiki.     How Reiki heals.

April: Reiki and meditation.     Peace as a vibration.     How to strengthen the Reiki energy flowing through you.

May: Remote healing with Reiki.     Distant attunements.     Healing our ancestors with Reiki.

June: Reiki with pets and animals in general.

July: No session.

August: No session due to vacation.

September: No session.

October: Clearing a house of negative energy using Reiki. 

November: Using Reiki with other healing tools.

December:  Raising Awareness of Reiki Abuses

TELECONFERENCE CALL-IN INFORMATION:   Dial-in phone (515) 739-1439         Access code  834833

**** Please note, this is a teleconference only ****

We ask for a $5 donation that can be easily sent via PayPal to The Reiki Healing Center to offset our monthly costs.  Simply send the PayPal donation to phone 585-349-3400.

Blessings,  Barbara

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