Connect to Your Angels


Angels are messengers between the divine and mankind. Non-denominational and neutral and have been guiding us for centuries in every culture and every continent. Angels transcend time and space and are at more than one place at a time allowing a personal relationship with each of us.

The link below leads to a website with channeled messages from a group of archangels and others.  In the past this has been a course offered at The Reiki Healing Center.  Plans have evolved such that course materials will be published as a book in 2019.  In 2019, this course will be available as a free eBook. Printed books will be available for less than $20.

Until then, this course will not be offered until the book is published to allow focus and time needed to travel.

The course’s messages from those in the Angelic Realm include specific tools to “throw out the garbage”, “become consciously aware of their continuous presence in our lives regardless of what we think”, “develop personal relationships with them as best friends”, “heal yourself without limitations”, “access your soul’s knowledge of your best interests as you (as a soul) travel your intended path in this lifetime”, “realize that you are a soul and not who you’ve been led to believe y my your mind and by others”, and “access your soul’s guidance and that of the angelic realm with certainty”.

The many students who have taken the course and have benefited.  It was free of charge.  Again, the course will be offered for free as an eBook.  Printed books will have a nominal price. The following quote is from Archangel Gabriel: “All proceeds are reinvested to help share our messages globally. We do not accept donations or government tax-deductions, as this course is our gift to you and humanity.”

Click on the link below to learn more as there are many messages on the website.  The linked website also has a tab where you can register for the mailing list to receive announcements about the missions progress.

Blessings to you


 Link to website with angelic messages forming course referenced above

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